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The following is an update and trailer on the film project regarding St. Elizabeth of Hungary. I originally found this on our internaitonal fraternity website (CIOFS) and have supported the project. Below the video is a message from the producer Lori Pieper, SFO. Also, for those interested, there are various formation documents on St. Elizabeth in the footer section of this blog.

Dear Friends of St. Elizabeth,

I have good news in this update: On Dec 13 we recorded the voice actors
for the film – the ones who spoke the words of St. Elizabeth, Ludwig, the
testifying handmaids, Master Conrad and other historical figures. On Feb
9, after a delay for Christmas vacation and to search for just the right
person, we recorded the final narration track with a wonderful voice
actress. Earlier this month, I also received a CD with the very beautiful
music composed and recorded by Peter Vamos. My brother is still finishing
his part – but very soon all the major work for the film will be done.

I had no idea there would be this many delays, and once again I must
apologize to everyone, especially all the people who donated – but rest
assured, all of your contributions have been put to good use. So far, no
date has been set for the Quebec and New York premieres, but I will keep
you posted. I hope also to redo one of our trailers with the Vamos music,
but until then, you can enjoy the earlier versions[inserted above].

More of the bills for video and photo rights and stock shots are coming
due. Perhaps the biggest item is the $600 we owe to the Vatican Television
Center for the rights to a video of John Paul II speaking about St.
Elizabeth in Hungary. And we still have a music clearance of $200 to deal
with. (All the other music has been donated). So once again, I’d like to
urge people who are interested in the film to make a donation. You can
donate here, using your Paypal account or credit or debit card.


Or you can send a check or money order to Lori Pieper, Tau Cross Books and Media, 30 W. 190th St., Apt. 6N, Bronx, NY 10468. If you donate $10 or
more, you will get a copy of the DVD.
Please be sure to include your name
and mailing address. As soon as the film is actually completed, I will
start taking pre-orders, but you will have to pay full price, so donating
is still a bargain!

Please keep reading these updates to learn of future showings. If you are
in the New York area and are interested in having a showing in your
church, school, SFO fraternity, etc. -- anywhere that has a TV or screen
and DVD player, please let me know, and I will supply you with a DVD and
try to be on hand for it. The final cut will be around 1 hr 45 min.
Because of the need for funds to complete the film, I want to either
charge admission or take up a collection for these showings.

Remember, if there is anyone you think might be interested in the
documentary, please forward them this e-mail. And if anyone wants to be on
the list for updates, or to be taken off, they just need to send an e-mail
to me at the above address.

Thanks you for your patience, especially all those who have donated so
generously. May God, St. Francis and St. Elizabeth bless you.

Lori Pieper, SFO

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