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Our Other Faces

I found this video depicting Secular Franciscans from the 'Regional Amazonas'. This particular video celebrates a regional chapter election. The music and scenery is exotic and quite beautiful. I believe the Amazon Rain Forest extends to nine countries in South America. The last few seconds contain a trailer for travel in Columbia.

This set my spirit to wonder about the SFO experience in other parts of the world. What are their concerns, how do they praise God? These people are our brothers and sisters faithfully gathering for a fraternal event, wearing tau crosses and smiles of great joy. For me it is quite inspirational. They really are our other faces.

I asked Google to translate 'Capitulo Electivo Regional' and it responded 'Elective Regional Chapter' from Spanish. A banner in one scene reads 'Yo estoy con ustedes todos los dias hasta el fin del mundo', which translates, 'I am with you every day until the end of the world'.

Franciscan Advent and Christmas

A Franciscan Christmas

Evangelizing the Food Court

Catholic Under The Hood

I mentioned at the onset that I wanted to promote 'Catholic new media'. A good place to start is with Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, TOR (a Franciscan friar of the Third Order Regular),who teaches history at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio. He has already produced over 250 'podcasts' dealing with Catholic history/spirituality from a Franciscan perspective. I've only discovered him recently but each and every show I've listened to has been fascinating and enriching. There's simply no way that I could begin to research his topics in the way he does and so I feel very fortunate to have discovered him as a spiritual resource. His subjects are both entertaining and enlightening.

He has his own website: Catholic Under The Hood. In addition he is part of a new 'network' of Catholic podcasters that you'll find on (more on that in the future). Finally, here is a directory to scan the titles of his entire lineup of podcasts. I've place a sample of one of his recent podcasts in the post below and plan to highlight some of his earlier podcasts from time to time. I hope you give him a try.

The Family That Prays Together (Podcast)

Picking a single episode of Catholic Under The Hood to highlight is a very difficult task. Should I choose one dealing with recent history or from the medieval period? A topic that focuses on Franciscan spirituality or more general appeal?

Here's a podcast that features Fr. Patrick Payton, the rosary priest, who coined the phrase-"The family that prays together, stays together". I'm sure most of us have some knowledge of his life and mission, but here's some greater insight into how the movement grew…

Here's the link:

2009 National Fraternity Peace Award - Part II

An interview with Don Ryder, SFO winner of the National SFO Peace Award for 2009.  Very Inspirational.  Jesus says...'I thirst'...and Don responds.

Source: National SFO - Video and News Time:11m

National Fraternity Peace Award (2009) Part I

Meet Deacon Tom Bello, SFO our current National Minister discussing the significance of the National Fraternity Peace Award.  For further information about the 2009 award winner Don Ryder, SFO and his water project please read the following press release: Franciscan Peace Award Goes to African Water Project Leader.  Also look for an additional video above.

Source: National SFO-Video and News Time: 8m 32s

Novena of Rosaries for a Spiritual Assistant

The following have volunteered to offer prayer for a specified day. If you would like to join in, please leave your name and date via comments.

Rosemary W.
Ann M.
Nancy D.
Maryann M.
John R.
Joe D.
Jim M.
Susanne W.
Agnes T.

Peace and all good

Retreat Video

Our first music video!

May the Lord give you peace

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