The Canticle of Creation

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CST 101 | Life and Dignity of the Human Person

CST 101 | Care for God's Creation

When Does a Human Life Begin?

Source: (Catholic Answers)           (Shared by Donna M.)

A Prayer for the Earth

Source: | Song and Spirit Institute for Peace

Capernaum: the Town of Jesus

Father Matteo Munari joins us in Capernaum, the town of Jesus, on a visit to one of the most important sites in our history, the history of Christianity and the history of humanity. (Source: Terra Santa: Christian Media Center )

An inspiring Gospel reflection. This documentary takes us on a tour of the gospel scenes where Jesus began his ministry.   With Sacred Scripture in hand Friar Munari walks us through the biblical narrative.  A very real formation experience.

Our wage from Jesus

Our wage from Jesus   (homily from Mass at Santa Maria) 05/26/2015

...the Pope suggested more reflection on Peter’s question: “We have left everything: how are You going to pay us?”. Francis also reminded us remember Jesus’ response, because the pay “He will give us is the likeness to Him: this will be our ‘wage’”. And “likeness to Jesus”, he concluded, is a “great wage”.

- Source: L'Osservatore Romano
Our wage from Jesus

Caring for Our Senior Friars

I guess I would have to regard stumbling upon this newly uploaded video as providential.  It contains interviews with several senior Capuchin friars including our longtime former Spiritual Assistant, Fr. Andy Drew, OFM Cap..  Fr. Andy guided us from initial inception (meaning before we were established as a fraternity) through the mid to late 1990's. At that time he was serving as Catholic Chaplain to Norwich State Hospital.  Our founder Lillian France, who had moved from Ohio to the Norwich area, was inspired to form a new fraternity and sought his assistance...and the rest is history. It's really good to see him and hear his voice.