Capernaum: the Town of Jesus

Father Matteo Munari joins us in Capernaum, the town of Jesus, on a visit to one of the most important sites in our history, the history of Christianity and the history of humanity. (Source: Terra Santa: Christian Media Center )

An inspiring Gospel reflection. This documentary takes us on a tour of the gospel scenes where Jesus began his ministry.   With Sacred Scripture in hand Friar Munari walks us through the biblical narrative.  A very real formation experience.

Our wage from Jesus

Our wage from Jesus   (homily from Mass at Santa Maria) 05/26/2015

...the Pope suggested more reflection on Peter’s question: “We have left everything: how are You going to pay us?”. Francis also reminded us remember Jesus’ response, because the pay “He will give us is the likeness to Him: this will be our ‘wage’”. And “likeness to Jesus”, he concluded, is a “great wage”.

- Source: L'Osservatore Romano
Our wage from Jesus