Fr. Barron comments on Why It Matters That Our Democracy Trusts in God

Some things we take for granted as Americans, even to the point of our peril. The truths we consider to be 'self evident' were considered fallacies by some of the greatest minds. Kudos to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rosary on Good Friday

Suzie brought up the idea of praying the Rosary on Good Friday between noon and 3 pm. Certainly the Sorrowful Mysteries will aid us in pondering the Passion of Our Lord. This will also unite us with Our Sorrowful Mother as we pray through her at the foot of the cross for peace and reconciliation.

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Terra Santa News (en) 15/04/2011

Contents in this weeks video...

Jerusalem prepares to relive the most important moment of the year, one for which seven hundred thousand visitors have been awaiting. At the vigil of Easter, the Custos of the Holy Land calls on us to "embrace a hope which is also a certainty ..."

The High Priest Caiphas and the crucifixion nails. A sensational discovery - or a matter of fantasy?

In the foosteps of Jesus to Golgotha ... Centuries of history, devotion and faith on the Way of the Cross, along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem.

Akathistos ... the most ancient liturgy in honour of the Virgin. It is sung in the Oriental Churches on the last Friday of Lent. According to tradition, it is sung standing up, and is a tradition very dear to the Byzantine, Orthodox and Catholic Faithful.

Jerusalem, where everyone was born ... a brief consideration, of the Holy City, with the biblicist Friar Frédéric Manns.

Every Christian is invited to call the Holy Land "his own" ... and again this year the Holy Land asks for your help. Please don't forget the Good Friday Collection !

Secular Franciscan Order...come and see..

This is worth sharing with anyone who might be interested in a SFO vocation.

Tomb of beloved St. Francis of Assisi restored

This story may have been the most widely circulated AP release on April 9th.  I found the same words verbatum in nearly every news outlet.  It's amazing how St. Francis is universally referred to as 'beloved'.  

Read the account here...

The tomb of St Francis of Assisi in the crypt in the lower church of Assisi's Basilica, Italy

(Re)evangelizing Lost Generations

At our last fraternity meeting a senior member was looking for a way to respond to older grandchildren who were searching for answers about the faith they were baptized into, but had never come to know. This is a very common situation. Word on Fire ministries provides numerous videos and other media to engage our secular culture. That's really the heart and purpose of the ministry itself. This video is from the 'Faith Clips' section of Word on Fire TV.

Source: Word On Fire