You're Here - Francesca Battistelli

Our Other Faces

I found this video depicting Secular Franciscans from the 'Regional Amazonas'. This particular video celebrates a regional chapter election. The music and scenery is exotic and quite beautiful. I believe the Amazon Rain Forest extends to nine countries in South America. The last few seconds contain a trailer for travel in Columbia.

This set my spirit to wonder about the SFO experience in other parts of the world. What are their concerns, how do they praise God? These people are our brothers and sisters faithfully gathering for a fraternal event, wearing tau crosses and smiles of great joy. For me it is quite inspirational. They really are our other faces.

I asked Google to translate 'Capitulo Electivo Regional' and it responded 'Elective Regional Chapter' from Spanish. A banner in one scene reads 'Yo estoy con ustedes todos los dias hasta el fin del mundo', which translates, 'I am with you every day until the end of the world'.

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