Dear Fraternity Sisters & Brothers,

May the Lord give you peace:

Welcome to Korban Corner our internet blog. This is an attempt to add another means of communication and inspiration for those with internet access. This will not replace our newsletter.

There are several reasons for beginning this forum.  One is to help keep us connected as a group between meetings, in a way that goes beyond email.  In that respect we can use this as a place to stayed focused on fraternity life and activities. It's also a place to share our gifts among members through dialogue.

Additionally, we now have a place to come for links to other media, news and inspirational sources that promote our goals as people who are...'Korban' or 'dedicated to God'.  

The Holy Father, Benedict the XVI has asked the church to take hold of the internet and use it for growth and evangelization.  Catholic 'new media' is growing by leaps and bounds and so we want to find and participate in it.

I hope you will give this a try...that means exploring and participating in this forum.  If you're new to the 'blogosphere' go to the Sections tab to the left and click on 'How to use this blog' for some tips.  Please send your comments and suggestions by clicking on 'post a comment' below.

Peace and all good.
Jim T.


grandmaro said...

Jim, Thanks so much for all your dedicated efforts in putting together this Korban Corner Blog. I really appreciated the 'how to use a blog' feature. I've gone thru all the connections and am just so pleased with it all. I am absolutely mesmerized with the 'sunrise/sunset' slideshow. Isn't God's handiwork amazing? I really appreciated this reminder today. I pray that some day God may use any talents I'm not even aware of yet, to encourage or bring others to awareness of Him in every aspect of our lives. God bless you in all your efforts. Rosemary

kam said...

Jim - Great blog.! My wife Helen and I are members of the ST. Clare Fraternity at ST. Ed's in Stafford. My prayers are with you on trying to keep up with everything that goes along with a blog of this magnitude. I've followed Perfect Joy for a while now, so I almost think I know you, in a strange internet way. Peace to you and yours, and I'm looking forward to the day our paths cross. kam