Terra Santa News (en) - 18/02/2011

More inspiring  news...includes a segment where the leader of the Focolare Movement makes these remarks...

"I think the principal point is to consider the other to be a real brother, so that the person other than myself is nevertheless a member of my family, simply because we have the same Father. So starting from this we can meet and there is something that unites us, namely the dignity which comes from being children of God."

"I believe (and this is fundamental) ; that courtesy and education are insufficient for true dialogue. I think we have to begin by recognizing the other as more important than oneself, so that in standing before the other with the aim of serving without expecting anything in return, we will be ready to give something."
...[Maria Voce, President of Focolare]
This is real gospel purity. Imagine if this spirit were put into wider practice, beginning with our own dialogues...

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