Your Thoughts on the Retreat?

It's all about fraternity...  A few people were wondering how to communicate the spirit of our retreat experience.  Why not take a moment to jot down a brief comment on something you would like to share about this weekend.  Do it while its fresh in your mind.  Insert it in the comment box or send me an email.  I'd like to include some brief remarks in a future newsletter.  Pace e bene!

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Anonymous said...

Franciscan Brothers & Sisters
I need to say that it was wonderful to see all of you that came to our Retreat. To those who did not come, you missed a very spiritual gathering of our Community. I must say that Fr Noel did an extraordinary job running this Retreat for us. I cannot say enough of the job he did for us. I would also like to thank all Brothers & Sisters who helped out during the weekend & especially helped out tending to the needs of the Fraternity Minister, ME, who has always tried to be a humble servant, but was shown the meaning of humility. Again, I thank all for the wonderful Retreat & know that I pray for each & every one of you & your families. I love you all. Pax et Bonum
Your Brother in Christ