Solanus Casey Center

...a Capuchin Franciscan Ministry

Detroit Michigan may be many hours away but don't let that deter you from visiting the website and learning more about the center that is devoted to the spirit of Venerable Solanus Casey.  You can take video tours of the center, hear his recorded voice, view photos and video meditations.  Browse through a cornucopia of links to Franciscan resources.

At the threshold of the St. Bonaventure Chapel pilgrims encounter the modest tomb of Venerable Solanus Casey. 

In the main foyer are eight bronze statues called the Beatitudes of Christ. 

"Life-size bronze figures of eight contemporary people represent the Beatitudes of Christ. Each of these individuals has shown through their life and ministry how to live Christianity in action. The eight individuals chosen include Blessed Mother Theresa, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Monsignor Clement Kern of Detroit, Jean Donovan, Archbishop Oscar Romero, and Takashi Nagai who endured the atomic explosion in Nagasaki."

On their blog they describe the 'Christ Doors' :

"As the visitor enters the Solanus Casey Center she/he is greeted by the stunning glass doors known as the Christ Doors. The entrance foyer which looks somewhat like a tomb is filled with radiant light as the glass doors disperse the sunshine dancing throughout the Center’s main rotundaThe Doors beckon the visitor to come in, to go deeper into this holy place. The Doors have an almost heavenly feel to them as one stands in the cold, stone entrance way. The Doors entice the visitor to leave the tomb-like structure and be plunged into the Light."

Br. Solanus Casey, porter and doorkeeper would be pleased.


Anonymous said...

So...Where's the recording of his voice?

A. Karin Schultze said...

Thank you blessed Saint for healing, cleansing, deliverance, interceding for my son's (Erich H.) family tree (parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents), nieces/nephews/godchild's genograms. Karin S.