How To Use This Blog

This section is devoted to providing help on how to navigate the blog.  The following is a beginning draft still in progress.
Well you made it here, so that a great beginning! 
What’s a blog?  A blog is different from a regular website in that it’s really designed for posting messages and getting feedback via comments from the viewers.  Hopefully we’ll use that feature (more on comments later).
Examine the entire page. Please take time to go from top to bottom of the page and view all that’s here.  You'll see plenty of material at the bottom (called the footer) that you might not catch at first glance. 
Sections: Looking at the upper left you’ll see a grouping called sections.  One is considered the home section that can hold a series of posts which scroll one after another.  All of the other sections (referred to as static sections) are limited to one post each.
What is a post?  A post is an individual message, article or reflection shown in the center or main part of the blog.  What you’re reading right now is a post!
Comments:  A reader can respond to a post and generate a comment which gets attached to the post.  Any number or comments can follow making for a lively discussion.
Viewing comments:  When you scroll down to a post you will see that there is either ‘0’ or some number of comments, but they will not be visible.  There are two ways to view the comments.
(1)   Click on the title of the post.  This will cause the post to open as a single or distinct page and the comments will become visible.  After viewing you may add a further comment or return to the original view by clicking on the blog title ‘Korban Corner’.
(2)   Simply click on “Post a comment” or on the ‘0 comments’ link.
Posting a comment:  At the bottom simply click ‘0 comments’ or Post a comment’.  This will open a screen which contains a note box to type your comment.  Below that you’ll see a security feature in which you type the letters you see.  Beneath that section is where you identify yourself. 
If you don’t have an internet identity you may simply click on ‘NAME/URL’ and enter some brief name such as ‘JimT’ or your initials, etc (the URL can be left blank).  Please leave enough info so that we know who you are without giving your full name.  Your brief name will show up at the beginning of your comment (ex. JimT said…).  You can preview you’re comment before publishing it.
Links:  This site is loaded with links on the sidebars which become apparent when you slide your mouse over them.  Some links move you back and forth among sections of this blog; other links take you away from the blog to content elsewhere.  So if you leave...please come back.

Labels, how we organize stuff:  As time goes on the amount of posts accumulated can become huge, so how do you find what you’re looking for?  One way is with labels.  Each post has one or more labels that are attached to it which you can see at the end of the post.  The labels are displayed on the sidebar where you can click on what you want and have all the posts with the same label show up; even unseen older posts that haven’t been deleted will be displayed.  So labels work like an indexing feature.

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